Saturday, October 19, 2013

Torpedo: A Strong Club Canapé System

Last evening I met an old friend. After a few drinks and some chit chat we decided to go to a club and play bridge. Having discussed our system details on bar stools and using napkins as paper, we had jotted down the canapé system we were going to use. Here is the backbone, named Torpedo version 0.1:

Opening Bids

1 ♣: 15+ any
1 ♦: 11-14; 4♦-5y or 5+♦ or 4♦-441
1 ♥: 11-14; 4♥-5y or 5+♥
1 ♠: 11-14; 4♠-5y or 5+♠
1NT: 12-14
2 ♣: 11-14; 6+♣ or 4♣-5M
2 ♦: 12-14; 4444-1♦, the notorious 3-suited love bug
2 M: 10-12; 5M332
2NT: 18-20

If you are accustomed to canapé bidding, it is a fairly easy structure to master and GCC legal. And it created wonders! We finished close second. As the late Rixi Markus once said: keep it simple.

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Anonymous said...

How do you bid 6M-4m shapes?

Archiver said...

Easy: ignore minor, bid and rebid the major.

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